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In other words, cities are getting more expensive and suburbs less so because that is where people want to be. Why Is Urban Housing So Expensive? Because People Want To Live There. : TreeHugger
the Great Recession has highlighted a fundamental change in what consumers do want: homes in central cities and closer-in suburbs where one can walk to stores and mass transit. The Next Real Estate Boom - Brookings Institution
The subsidies are largely invisible to drivers who park their cars — and thus free or cheap parking spaces feel like natural outcomes of the market, or perhaps even an entitlement. Yet the law is allocating this land rather than letting market prices adjudicate whether we need more parking, and whether that parking should be free. We end up overusing land for cars — and overusing cars too. You don’t have to hate sprawl, or automobiles, to want to stop subsidizing that way of life. Economic View - Why Free Parking Comes at a Price -